Our Brand: Made for Queens, LLC was envisioned and established to cater to women from ALL backgrounds who aspire to add that touch of culture and style to their daily outfits whether casually or professionally. It is made for the woman who wants to flaunt African prints with poise and femininity. The goal is to empower any woman that wears our pieces by making them feel like the Queen that they are and being stylish in their true self. 

Our Products: All of our Ankara print pieces are handmade and sourced from Lagos, Nigeria (located in West Africa) by a group of women who have a great eye for quality materials and vibrant colors. Being that the Founder/Creative Director is from Nigeria, her goal is to continue to contribute to her country and showcase the beautiful textiles that Africa offers.

Our Illustrious Founder: The Founder and Creative Director behind the Brand is Nigerian born Osato Oshodin, a Civil Service Professional turned Entrepreneur. She has always had a passion for the evolution of African styles and trends coming out of West Africa. Her love for the versatility of Ankara inspired her to showcase the vibrant material through accessories that are worn on a daily basis. The idea to spread this knowledge originated during her many trips to Nigeria when she saw how many people wore Ankara print with such confidence and pride. She also appreciated how resourceful and adaptable the fabric was especially exposed to heat. Her goal is to provide a service to all women the best way she can and offer a space where women can feel beautiful and empowered wearing their Ankara pieces.